Camera Calibration

Your algorithms need good calibrations to work; don’t let them down. We’ve built the industrial calibration tool that lets you focus on your product.

The problem

Camera calibration is clumsy and unreliable. Most tools are not designed for industry, where mistakes can be expensive. In the best case, miscalibrated robots fail during testing. Worse, they can fail in front of customers.

The rabbit hole

It's easy to start with a simple tool and go down the rabbit hole. The time spent investigating problems and implementing workarounds adds up. On top of the costs, dealing with intermittent failures is incredibly distracting for the whole company.

Right from the start

We've done the deep dive for you. The Skip camera calibration tool supports guided data collection, wide angle lenses, high distortion, imperfect targets, and large datasets. You'll now it's right with visualizations and reports.

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Pixel perfect

We built the Skip calibration tool using modern optimization techniques and thoroughly-tested math. Accurate calibrations dramatically improve performance for sensor fusion, SLAM, and many other applications.


a histogram of calibration residuals

Reliable reporting

How do you know it's calibrated? Built-in reporting and visualization confirms every calibration. Histograms, scatter plots, and bias visualizations remove the guesswork.


a heatmap illustrating calibration errors

Unique algorithms

The Skip calibration tool uses proprietary algorithms, enabling our tool to work reliably with wide angle and high-distortion lenses.

Big datasets

Collect thousands of images efficiently with out-of-core image storage and sparse optimization.

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Guided data collection

Other tools use limited data points with insufficient coverage near image edges. The Skip calibration tool collects dense, uniform data. This prevents overfitting and allows for meaningful error estimates.


a histogram of target poses

Target warp compensation

No need for a perfectly flat target; the Skip calibration tool models target curvature. Large datasets let you use more sophisticated models without overfitting.


Calibration target warp estimate screen



Screenshot of the calibrate_geometry tool