Hire us for independent advising, one-off engineering, and custom integrations. We study the context and dig into problems to produce reliable solutions.

The Big Picture...

 Technical Risk Management

At Skip, complex math and engineering obstacles are our forte. Work with us to test and build features that mitigate risk and ensure the feasibility of your plans.

 Proof of Concept

We prototype custom algorithms based on your use cases and data. If you want to test a particular approach, we’ll work with your team – or handle the whole design process for you.

 Comprehensive Implementation

Skip can deploy ROS nodes or entire subsystems. It's important to us that we understand all of the nuances of your systems. By collaborating closely with your engineers, we deliver higher quality software.

 Strategic Advice & Guidance

Skip Robotics partners with our clients. We spend time with your team to determine whether your processes are pushing you forward or holding you back.

Start building

... and all the details

We love working on unique projects – but we also support our customers in the following areas of robotics and automation

 Systems Engineering

We specialize in understanding the moving parts of your existing system along with current and future requirements. This approach allows us to offer simpler solutions tailored to your application with less overall engineering risk.

 Robot Architecture

We design maintainable interfaces for asynchronous service-to-service communication using ROS or other platforms. Cleanly architected and modular, our customers own their Skip solutions and can customize internally when needed.

 Sensor Fusion

We combine camera, LIDAR, and depth sensor data across multiple compute units, taking into account timing, motion compensation, and data alignment requirements.

 Numerical Optimization

Skip designs, prototypes, and builds algorithms ranging from using automatic differentiation and optimization libraries, to fast, customer solvers written directly in C++.

 Machine Learning Integration

Our experience integrating deep learning lets us fuse your semantic information with data from 3D sensors, like LIDAR, or structured light.

 Obstacle Detection and Tracking

Skip Robotics can help design the full perception stack including ground detection, segmentation, and static/dynamic obstacle detection.

 Visual Odometry and SLAM

We specialize in visual odometry and pointcloud alignment algorithms for localization and mapping. Not only can we advise on which is the better fit for your applications, but you can tap into our in-house industrial visual odometry library using your existing hardware and sensors.

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Work with us

Contact us for a free initial consult. We'll evaluate your engineering challenges and see if we can help. Our engagements have three stages:

  1. Evaluate We want to understand what you need and why you need it so we solve the right problems.

  2. Propose We create a custom proposal with time frames, objectives, and full visibility of the project scope.

  3. Build We build your technical solutions as part of your team, or by managing the entire project workload.