Whether you need help with an engineering problem, prototyping a new technology, or are looking for technical guidance to augment your existing engineering resources, we can help.

Design & Risk Assessment

From hours to days worth of work, depending on desired scope. We'll dive into blocking problems and existing systems at a technical level to provide feedback and recommendations.


We'll prototype a particular approach or algorithm for your use case and with your data. This work can be done independently, or as an integrated part of your existing team.

Component Implementation

We can implement entire subsystems and algorithms based on your requirements. Working alongside your engineering team allows us to achieve good integration with existing systems and infrastructure.


Skip Robotics can provide technical advising as a service. We stay engaged with your company and provide strategic guidance to help minimize risk.

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We enjoy working on hard-to-categorize problems at the intersection of math and software engineering. These unique projects are our favorites, but we also have experience in the following areas of robotics and automation.

Systems Engineering

We specialize in understanding the moving parts of your existing system along with current and future requirements. This approach allows us to offer simpler solutions tailored to your application with less overall engineering risk.

Robot Architecture

Modern robot architecture uses isolated subsystems communicating over a publish/subscriber model. We can help design maintainable interfaces using ROS or other publish-subscribe systems.

Sensor Fusion

We have experience integrating data from heterogeneous sensors distributed across multiple computers. This includes timing, motion compensation, and data alignment taking into account the noise characteristics of individual sensors. We have built systems fusing data from cameras, LIDAR, and depth sensors into a single cohesive representation of the robot's environment.

Numerical Optimization

Skip Robotics can help design, prototype, and build numerical optimization algorithms for unique customer requirements. This ranges from using automatic differentiation and optimization libraries to specialized, performance optimized implementations written directly in C++.

Machine Learning Integration

Deep learning allows robots to understand the environment in human terms. Taking advantage of this information requires fusion of semantic information with data from 3d sensors such as LIDAR or structured light sensors.

Obstacle Detection and Tracking

Motion planning algorithms require information about the world around them in order to generate safe trajectores. In order to provide this information, the perception system must separate the scene into discrete objects and track the ones that are moving. Skip Robotics can help design and integrate the full perception stack including ground detection, segmentation, and static/dynamic obstacle detection.

Visual Odometry and SLAM

We have experience with both visual odometry and pointcloud alignment algorithms for localization and mapping. Skip Robotics can advise on the pros and cons of these technologies for your application and robot environment. We also have an in-house industrial visual odometry library which can be integrated into your existing platform. See our products page to find out more.

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Every customer is different, but most of our projects have three stages. The amount of time and formality involved can be flexible.

  1. Evaluation Before writing a single line of code, we make sure to understand what you need and why you need it. This lets us deliver results that make a difference and makes sure we can adapt to the unexpected.
  2. Proposal We create a proposed solution with a timeline and well defined objectives where possible. This gives you full visibility over project duration and scope.
  3. Implementation We implement technical solutions working either independently or together with your team. This is the fun part.