TurniFi Extrinsics

A repeatable, accurate approach to multi-camera extrinsic calibration with or without overlapping views. The rotationally constrained turntable model reduces physical space requirements and simplifies data collection.

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Fiducial SLAM for Calibration

  • The Skip TurniFi solver computes the locations of all fiducials and cameras from a single dataset.
  • Fiducials can be constrained to the ground plane for a more stable estimate.
  • On-robot fiducials can be used to output calibration poses relative to CAD datum.
  • Allows estimation of robot ride height, roll, and pitch.
  • End-to-end estimation pipeline with automatic initialization and outlier rejection.

a heatmap illustrating calibration errors

Fiducials can be placed in arbitrary, unknown locations around the robot.

Flexible Frames

  • Rich modeling of fiducial constraints and coordinate frames
  • Add fiducials as needed to improve accuracy
  • Constrained estimation of turntable rotation; no encoder needed
  • Incorporate known pose relationships with fixed frame graph links.

a heatmap illustrating calibration errors

Custom frame graph configuration allows estimating camera extrinsics along with other datums on the robot.

Detailed Reporting

  • Detailed PDF report shows residual error statistics.
  • Inspect residuals for each (camera, fiducial) pair in the dataset.
  • Residual heatmap visualizations for RMSE, median, and 95-percentile.

a heatmap illustrating calibration errors

Visualization of noise levels for each (camera, fiducial) pair.